Picking up where I left off – the art pitch

I talked about pitching art ideas in my previous post, right?

Well, I have three here.

The first idea I wrote down on paper plays with the concept of the interlocking individual and community.

I will have a white canvas (of a size I have yet to decide on) wherein different people will leave their fingerprint/s on the canvas via paint (most likely using watercolor). The output I want would be a fingerpainted color spectrum (colors of which I will have to mix most of them myself = time consuming), similar to the google image below.

The idea came from a set of videos featuring mechanics and audience interaction as the major compositions of the art works. Since I don’t have enough resources to pursue such an ambitious (for me, at least) project, I decided to focus on the interaction portion – including the audience in the art making itself.

What I want to convey in a canvas of fingerprinted color spectrum of different shapes and sizes is the individuality of each color shade and fingerprint, and at the same time, the communality/unity of all the colors blending into a spectrum and of all those people having contributed and left their mark on the final art piece.

The second idea I came up with would be a play on language.

As in, a literal play on language.

I remember having “invented” secret codes with friends as a kid to hide rather useless things from adults. The idea sprouted from watching videos of Nina Katchadourian’s pieces on language.

The art work would be a framed handwritten piece of literature (most likely a self-written poem) that would sound jargon when read in our standard English with a coded answer sheet (either displayed or peaking from behind the frame). When the audience tries to decode the message, it would, again, sound gibberish.

The art work would be centered on the concept of people and foreign language – be it deluding ourselves to “understanding” meaning or to allowing confusion to inhibit us from meaning-making. Something along the lines of “hierarchy” in language – whether it’s “intelligible” enough to understand or not.

I haven’t decided if it would be better to use the alphabet or if using illustrations would fit better with the whole “foreign tongue” idea.

The third idea I came up with is on beauty and how it is both fleeting and constant, ever-changing and never-changing.

Clumps of dyed hair, chipped off painted nails, strips of false eyelashes, and a mess  of makeup wipes covered in worn makeup stains on a frame with a 1st place ribbon.”

Something like this work taken from google (by an ebhaesche.wordpress.com account).

It would be ridiculous to see such things framed on a living room wall, right?

When we frame photos, it’s usually to glorify or to commemorate a certain image for an amount of time. Beauty and makeup – we consider them to be fleeting.

Beauty standards change all the time – we throw away trends we consider laos na and replace them with “new ones.” But somehow, one way or another, these “new” standards are actually recycled from the “old” ones that were trashed.

All three of these ideas probably sound like I’m just playing safe – that I’m too petty to be bothered to make a striking art work that fights against inequalities and such, but as I’ve said previously, (just let me quote myself here haha)

I’d say I may be beginning to understand the flexibility of the term “originality” and “relevance” thanks to my professor’s and classmates’ inputs in class discussions.

Things will not always be relevant to everyone. Things can also be not relevant to the majority. Heck, it can even be relevant to just one person – me (of course, with the billions of people in the world, that is likely impossible).

A least, that’s how I understand relevance in art as of now.

Can of Dices



2 thoughts on “Picking up where I left off – the art pitch

  1. Hi, Candice!

    I like the 2nd idea best. It would be great if you can find your old codes and incorporate it into your new work. Start this na! So I can evaluate better.

    The 3rd idea is also good, but I don’t see how you are “owning” it. Perhaps you have personal experiences that yo can incorporate to it? That way, you know what objects to frame.

    The 1st idea seems difficult. How many people do you intend to enlist in this project? It might look generic as well.

    As for your concept of relevance, I’ll just have to wait and see. 😊


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