First visit – Art Fair Philippines 2017

First things first, I want to get something out of my chest.

When I saw this painting by Fernando Zobel at the Galeria Cayon exhibit


I was immediately reminded of this.wings-track-list-2

That lower left circle right there.

The image above is the logo for the kpop group (my current addiction~) BTS’s Wings album that was released last year.

7 teaser videos were released one by one to complete the logo. The circle I singled out was derived from a teaser that featured this painting. (Which, in turn, reminded me of this game series while i was searching for the original image because it looked so familiar… I still don’t know what painting it is, though.)


For some reason, I felt that these 4 – the art fair painting, the teaser images, and the game I linked up there if you clicked that – gave off the same vibe. Long story short, I got excited about a painting that reminded me of half of the love of my life (the other half should be obvious when you scroll through my home page haha!)

Of course, I had to forget to note down the artist and title considering that I went to the art fair almost 2 hours before 9pm ON THE LAST DAY (which my professor specifically told us not to do in his instructions…) Good job, me, for being able to finish the first two floors, at least.

Luckily, out of all the pictures that I took, one of them included the name “Galeria Canyon” and another had “Zobel” so I was able to look it up and confirmed that the collection was, indeed, Zobel’s.


Looking through his other works on the site, I came across this one


which reminded me of another painting shown in a couple (1,2,3) of BTS’s trailers. :)))



So, I’m supposed to be writing about the art fair and i think I’ve dawdled long enough.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, my professor warned us in advance that going on the last day or at night would be overwhelming. And what did I do? I went on the last 2 hours of the last day. Haha.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been out in busy places all day that I didn’t really feel constricted at the art fair itself. Based on the comments my classmates gave in class the other day though, I’d say it really was packed by the time I arrived.

It being my first time at an art fair, I wasn’t really sure how to navigate through the different exhibits. At first, i thought the route would be open-ended, like how museums are, you know? That as you walk further, you either discover new exhibits or go back to the place you started at. I guess the reason why the place seemed so busy and packed is because the place was set-up in a way that you walk into a lot of dead-ends and have to turn and walk back the route you just took.

Out of all the exhibits I was able to check out given the limited amount of time I had, I’d say the collections at Gallery Kogure, Galerie Stephanie, Secret Fresh and Vinyl on Vinyl would be my top picks. Of course, I had a number of individual favorite works from other galleries, such as

Black Sheep 2017 (forgot to note down the artist)IMG_20170219_200918.jpg

Sigilo I by Raul Castro CamachoIMG_20170219_202552.jpgIMG_20170219_202601.jpg

Ang Patuloy na Pag-usad ng Lipunang May Sayad by SANGVIAJEIMG_20170219_203238.jpgIMG_20170219_203244.jpg

and Barbaric Age (lower painting) by Luis LorenzanaIMG_20170219_204926.jpg

A couple of works I found pretty cool we’re


LEAP (calendar) by Cristina Quisumbing RamiloIMG_20170219_201755.jpg

After Velasquez’s “Las Meninas” by Roger “RIishab” TibonIMG_20170219_202527.jpg

MNL by J ConsunjiIMG_20170219_203036.jpg

and Astro Bling by Gabriel Lichauco x Filip Houdek, Josef KlavenkaIMG_20170219_205537.jpg

I noticed from the pieces that caught my eye that my taste in art is pretty consistent. Based on the examples I gave, I fancy colorful hodgepodges, details, quirky ones, and murky cartoon styles. At least, that’s what I conclude from the art fair. Among the 4 galleries I mentioned earlier, this seems pretty solid to me.

The first one I came across was Secret Fresh which was at one of the dead-ends.IMG_20170219_204030.jpg

The first thing that caught my eye were these sculptures that were distributed all around the exhibit, each one painted differently. IMG_20170219_203808.jpgIMG_20170219_203823.jpg

I immediately thought of wanting one of these but obviously I wouldn’t have the money for it, and that was when I realized that the stuff at the art fair were actually meant to be sold. Duh.

Among the other pieces in Self, parts of the walls and floors we’re also painted in the same way the sculptures were.IMG_20170219_204005.jpg

Other pieces I found pretty were Desolation and Born as a Fighter by Yeo Kaa


The next exhibit I found was Vinyl on Vinyl which was actually the gallery I had my eye on for a class assignment last semester. Unfortunately, there was no exhibition during the time the assignment was given.

The first thing that greeted me was this.


Balat Halimaw by Karayom

Although the two sculptures caught me a bit off guard, for some reason, I kinda like the piece.

From what I research about Vinyl on Vinyl before, this kind of piece is right up their alley, and I really like them for that. I was with my mom at the time, and she was pretty disturbed by the exhibit, though. :)))

I pretty much liked every piece in this exhibit, including

Sexually Addicted to Kindness (left), Have Both a Dick and A Pussy (middle), Not a Man, Not a Woman, Not Gay, Not a Robot, Nor Whatever (right) and Experimental White Turd (bottom) by Chalk Zaldivar


Follow the Smoke by Regen MulingtapangIMG_20170219_205349.jpg

Salvador (top left) and Andy (bottom left) by Ren Quinio and Potato #347 and Potato #346 by Bjorn Calleja (top right) and Shorelines 1 by Iyan de Jesus (bottom)

When I was taking a picture of Shorelines 1, there were two foreigners taking about how the circles on the painting were tangent to the same horizontal lines. I remembered something like that back when I was in high school and the fact that I still remembered something like that just amused me.

The next exhibit I happened upon was Galerie Stephanie. I wasn’t able to take note of the artist or the titles because they had announced that the art fair would end in a few minutes, but these three are my favorites from the exhibit.


and these, I found to be pretty interesting

Balance of Humanity by Anton del CastilloIMG_20170219_205623.jpg

Life Unkwown by Emman AcasioIMG_20170219_205620.jpg

And the rest of these hidden at the back with the artist.IMG_20170219_205659.jpg

The last exhibit I was able to check out also happens to be one of my favorite collections, Gallery Kogure. I will always have a soft spot for Japanese artworks. Also, because it was the only exhibit that featured cat-related artworks (at least from what my camera tells me.)

Kingdom of lack by Hideyuki Tokunagaimg_20170219_205744

and Daruma Cat – The Sun by Kayo Nishinomiya were probably (because I wasnt able to look at all the exhibits) the only cat themed pieces in the art fair, unless there were other foreigner exhibits since Filipino’s have that cats-are-bad-luck belief, right? It’s just a guess on my part, though.img_20170219_205817

And then here comes my top three favorite pieces that my mom absolutely hates.

Skull of Flower by Kirikuimg_20170219_205829

another Skull of Flower by Kiriku on a different yearimg_20170219_205845

and Heaven (large skull) by Osamu Watanabeimg_20170219_205856

this one is pretty funny to me because it reminds me of an anime character – a reaper that loved his sweet apples haha

and finally this piece that just screams “a kid-like drawing can be art, too!”

IMG_20170219_205927 edit.jpg

Again, I was in a rush to take these picture, so I wasn’t able to note down a lot of the artists and titles of the works…

As you can see, for the most part, all that I did was gawk at art pieces, forgetting to note down names here and there, and be overwhelmed with the different directions that these artists can take on over the years since I’m obviously a noob that doesn’t know how to properly” appreciate art.

Surprisingly though, I had a lot of fun seeing pieces that really amused me (especially that one that reminded me of BTS haha) and this experience has really helped me get my facts straight: an art fair is SO much more different than a museum or gallery what with all the attendees moving to and fro as if it was a palengke (idea stolen from our class discussion because I can’t remember who said it).

I’d say this was a very worthwhile class assignment.

That should be imposed on all art-related majoring students.


Also, while I’m still eligible for it, I might as well relish in the students discounts I can get (whenever there is one) on entrance fees to art exhibits.


Can of Dices



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